A team that understands your industry

Senior/Adult Community Center professionals are often surprised to discover that the architects they hired know very little about senior centers or the people they serve. If this happens to you, the success of your project may be limited by your ability to successfully educate your architect – a role you didn’t bargain for, and may not be prepared to play.

Lifespan Design Studio (LDS) offers a very different experience. Aging-friendly “universal” design is our mission, and the senior center industry is our professional home. While helping more than 120 centers nationwide plan, design, and improve their facilities, we have also become familiar faces at their annual conferences, led dozens of workshops, and built lasting relationships.

Planning, assessment, and design services

Helping senior center professionals understand and plan for the process of building a new facility (or improving an old one) is an important part of what we do. Contact me at any time for information or to chat about your facility. LDS offers a broad spectrum of services to support your assessment, planning, and design needs:

  • Facility assessments and space utilization studies
  • Site selection studies
  • Facility planning
  • Preliminary design, renderings, and cost estimating to support fundraising
  • Design for new construction, renovations, or additions
  • Architectural programming and space planning
  • Comprehensive design services
  • Design consultation in coordination with your local architect and interior designer

Making it work across the miles

LDS offers the same attentive, communication-intensive experience whether your center is across town or across the nation. Effective affordable methods for conducting successful long-distance projects have been honed through work in more than 30 states. When appropriate, LDS will team with architects and engineers in your community for an optimal mix of local experience and specialized expertise.