Amarillo, Texas

Services Provided

  • Program and services needs/interests assessment
  • Architectural programming for a new facility
  • Preliminary design
  • Construction cost estimating and operating cost analysis
  • Recommendations for site review/selection

Design Considerations

  • Flexible/adaptable design to be constructed on a site to be determined in the future
  • Programs and services operated by multiple agencies
  • Large fitness amenity component with dedicated entrance for flexible scheduling

The City of Amarillo Texas asked Lifespan Design Studio (LDS) to coordinate professional services to support the City’s efforts to plan effectively for the provision and accommodation of programs and services for its 50+ population. LDS led a team including Senior Citizen Services Specialist Jill Jackson Ledford and GSB Architects & Planners (Oklahoma City) in a two-phase study that included a detailed Programming Needs Assessment (Phase 1) and Facility Feasibility Study (Phase 2). The Needs Assessment yielded a list of high-interest programs, services, and other activities that may be provided/accommodated in the future by the City and/or its partners in the private and non-profit sectors. 

Working with the information generated through the Programming Needs Assessment, LDS led the development of an architectural program, preliminary design floor plans and site layout diagram for a proposed new 49,000 square foot Active Adult Center to be constructed and operated by the City, with active involvement across the senior services network. GSB developed an architectural rendering depicting the potential exterior aesthetic based upon the floor plan and design parameters established with LDS and the City, and coordinated the development of a preliminary estimate of the probable cost to design, construct, furnish and equip the facility, including a five year escalation period. The City’s Senior Services Coordinator worked with Jill Jackson Ledford to estimate operating expenses and revenue models for the proposed new facility. Phase One and Two findings and materials were summarized in a final report for the City’s use in the ongoing evaluation of options.

Rendering by GSB Architects & Planners